Sept 4: The Walk-in Cooler Gets Hooked Up!

Early-stage use of the New Space

Early-stage use of the New Space

Storage racks for back stock, a prep sink, and a hand sink have all allowed us to start using the New Space. (By the way, what are we going to call it besides the New Space?)

Today, Sept. 4, we’re looking forward to the arrival of the refrigeration guys who will hook up the walk-in cooler. Once it gets down to temperature, we can start storing product in it. This will relieve pressure on the produce cooler, which is currently used by Produce, Grocery, Cheese, Dairy, Meat, and Bulk. ┬áSee why we’re excited?

Our on-going thanks to the workers who have contributed to the project, to the board for their approval, and to all of our customers who support make this expansion both necessary and possible.


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